Aigo's iPhone 4 battery case internalizes your charge cable

Our pursuit of the case the iPhone battery perfect 4 continues with the Exogear Exolife currently holding the head, slightly ahead of the Air Mophie Juice Pack and PowerSpring Mili. Like these fine selections, the i616 Aipower Aigo claims the battery life "almost double", but he has another trick up its sleeve: a hidden tape USB cable for both charging and data incorporated into the case. If you want to sync cable longer than it accords its own, there is also a microUSB port second to be built on the left side, and a switch for 1500mAh external battery and a button to hand to display its current charge level. Not bad for a nice 125.8 x 62.6 x comparable 17.25mm, nor the $ 80 requested.
If you are looking for something a little more slender, however, the 60 million Sleeve Snap battery may be more to your liking - it adds a 900mAh battery in a nice touch that Incase claims is the thinnest around . We can not say it looks like it offers much more protection, covering only the corners and back of the phone, but fashion has long been a harsh mistress to those who obey the call of the siren.