Audrina Patridge Announces New Contest for Aspiring Actors on the Talent Contest Network

Audrina Patridge, host, announced the channel's most recent competition, Yobi law. is a fast growing next-generation global network talent contest offering fame and fortune to anyone, anywhere, anytime combining user-generated content and talent competitions online social networks for platform entertainment revolution.
The winners of this new channel contest for aspiring actors, will co-star with Hollywood celebrities in each webisode of web The celebrities will play in the first two rounds will be announced web in January. open several Yobi Act competition for additional web series throughout the year.

Launched in 2008, has already given hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money for winners and VIPs of her singing, photography, cinema and comedy channels contest.
"I had the privilege of discovering the incredibly talented people through contests s, Yobi sing, laugh, movies, and photos," says Patridge "It's exciting to watch the site grow, and I can not wait to see the audition video for the new competition act. " is a virtual "scene" where members, non-executive business development, to choose the next famous musicians, actors, filmmakers and actors. Without the barriers of marketing who need a lot of money to bring entertainment to the people and where people choose themselves what's hot, rules and talented person in the world has the opportunity to become famous.