Google Selected To Operate Stanford Fiber Network

Google Selected To Operate Stanford Fiber Network today announced that it has been selected to operate and support the process of fiber to the home network, Google is building at Stanford University. This experimental project will test the construction of new fibers and methods of operation, while providing a full gigabit speed to about 850 faculty and staff from home on campus. manage network operations, provide customer service and support and perform on-site installation and repair. Northern California is the leading independent provider of Internet services.
The test network is completely separate from Stanford community selection process for the fiber from Google for communities project, which is still ongoing. Google's ultimate goal is to build a fiber network to the house that reaches at least 50,000 and possibly up to 500,000 people, and expects to announce its community or communities selected by the end of the year. currently operates the largest California open network access to the Internet, offering services today primarily by copper of the next generation. The company based in Santa Rosa already announced its own plan to offer a fiber-to-the-home network in Sebastopol, California, and looks forward to working with Google's innovative gigabit network being planned for the Stanford community. an open network provides services to seventy other Internet service providers deliver broadband services over a territory of the thirteen.
Construction of Stanford fiber network will begin in early 2011.
" ISP is an innovative company that brings a higher notch to the fiber for the Google project communities," said James Kelly, product manager for Google Fiber communities. "Their experience with open access and well regarded team Customer service plays a vital role as we kick off our network beta at Stanford. "
"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Google on this project," said Dane Jasper, CEO & Co-Founder of "It's a great fit for our current capabilities and help us to develop new skills as we move towards our own fiber network."