The perfect mastery of the scalp massage

The perfect mastery of the scalp massage

Just as your body needs stimulation, the muscles in your scalp in need too! A healthy scalp needs a constant supply of blood. Hair follicles with a constant supply of blood remain healthy and active. Massaging the scalp helps provide these necessary nutrients from the blood veins of the scalp.

Massaging the scalp is both stimulating and de-stressing. These massages can redistribute oil your scalp, sebum, protect and nourish your scalp and helps to fight against dryness and flaking. By redirecting the flow of blood to the disadvantaged regions, scalp massage can help fill in areas of weaknesses where hair is thin and increases the speed of hair growth. If you see areas where your hair is fine or just to help nourish and fortify the scalp, scalp massage ESTT for you.

Fluency scalp massage

A scalp massage is performed very beneficial to any hair care regime. A quality massage will leave you a nice feeling after several minutes. It is best to massage the scalp with essential oils before washing your hair, or moisturized and sealed after hydration with an oil for the day. In this way, natural oils and moisturizing lotion will touch the scalp without coating the scalp with a layer of heavy oil. It also helps clean your scalp and let the breathing pores. Essential oils make your scalp tingle, which will help increase blood circulation and more stimulation with your fingers. I will describe a technique of massaging the scalp for 5-10 minutes you can use to have a healthy scalp.
Essential oil blend: My favorite essential oils to massage the scalp includes the following oils mixed in these proportions: 5 drops of rosemary oil, 7 drops of peppermint oil, 5 drops of thyme, and about 3 to 4 tablespoons. tablespoon jojoba and / or sweet almond oil. You can adjust these proportions to suit your personal tastes. You can also combine different blends of essential oils to your liking. The mixture will be more concentrated, more likely to have irritation will be high, so be cautious especially if you're new to the use of essential oils to massage the scalp.

Scalp massage: the circular motion

 1: Divide your scalp into 4 quadrants with a line down the middle, and another from one ear to ear. (Two sections at the front, two rear).

 2: Place your fingertips, not nails, on the edges of your hair in front. You begin to massage the front two quadrants of the scalp.

 3: Run your fingers on the scalp so that the entire front row is covered.

 4: Stake out your fingers here.

Step 5: Press the scalp and rotate (rotation), rotate the skin to the center of your face. The first movement should push the skin around the ears, then back toward the center of visage.Sur the right section, you make a circular motion in the direction of clockwise. On the left it must be a circular counter clockwise to counterclockwise. Do not move your fingers from their entrenched positions on your scalp!. It is important not to slip your fingers, rub, or messy hair. Your scalp massage is designed to work only on the skin of the scalp. Most people rub their eyes closed through their hair, scalp, or scratching with fingernails, but it can cause more harm than good. There is also a greater chance of tangling the hair rubbing motion. Avoid it!

6: Repeat step 5 for 1 minute in the current position of your fingers.

7: Following the work by moving your finger an inch or half inch from your scalp. Repeat step 5 for a minute. Gradually, repeat this procedure until you reach the top of the scalp.

8: Once you've reached the top of the head, place your fingers along the nape of your neck and massage the back line (border) of the hair for 1 minute. From there, you work your way back to the top of the head by repeating your massage for 1 minute on each line.

If you have a slow growth or areas where the hair is thinner, do not hesitate to repeat the process several times and give a little more attention to these needy areas. The scalp massage with essential oils is an easy way to relax, stimulate hair growth, and give your scalp a great stimulation session.