start right away with makeup

And start right away with makeup.

You'd like to make yourself up well, but you dare not do a real make-up pro because you're afraid to mess up and not look like anything?
On this page we will give some tips on makeup colors to choose your next color, the chronological order of the parties to make up for a make-up full facial, eyebrow shaping.
But first, you're alone and judge it to you to know what makes you the prettiest!

When you make yourself up, the most important thing is to keep your natural charm and not put too much makeup. Makeup should enhance or not certain parts of your face, so as to give you all mimies facial expressions. This is by no means a readable manner to change the head (that's what we did when we were 8 years at birthdays of friends).
If you want to do a full make-up, your kit should contain a minimum of things that will be needed every day. Complies with the sequential use of these products if you run to the disaster.

1 - A day cream to put before your makeup. Let absorb well.
2 - to spread concealer under the eyes.
3 - A foundation, easily applied to hide imperfections.
4 - A powder to prevent your skin shining (especially on the nose / forehead / chin).
5 - A pencil color you want for your eyes or eye shadow.
6 - A touch of blush, to be prettier.
7 - A little bit of mascara to lengthen your look and possibly an eyeliner.
8 - And finally a discreet lipstick or lip gloss. You can also use a lip pencil (in moderation).
You must choose your color makeup as your skin color and hair, and of course your tastes and your dress ... (that's a lot!)

Makeup / Cream colored day / Powder
Opted for 1 / 2 shade below your skin tone, making a test on the inside of your wrist. The shades in pink can brighten fair complexions, beiges tend apricot are suitable for darker skin, while darker complexions take on a good face with bronze shades.

Lips / Eyes

Fair skin tend to agree very well dew all pink but not bright red, the skins are predominantly beige comfortable with shades of coppery or orange but must avoid pink, and dark skin can draw lines brown and burgundy, while avoiding the pastel pink and orange. Also, some cool colors like gray, black, blue and purple, suitable for blondes, brunettes while are favored by more neutral shades like red, plum and brown, but without forgetting the dark and redheads have the most earth tones known as honey, brown and gold. Concerning more specifically the eyes, it is of course also consider the color of these: the clear brown and blue are highlighted by the orange and yellow, chestnuts and hazelnuts by gray and blue bronzes, and green or gray eyes are totally sublimated by the purple.

How to curve his eyebrows?

Before you start, disinfects the portion of tweezers and the tweezers with an alcohol swab. If you do not want to find the next few years with eyebrows increasingly provided (like Emmanuel Chain), do not touch the hair that is above your eyebrows.
Ideal length
Place a pencil vertically against the wing of your nose and in the extension of the inner corner of the eye. Anything over the pencil (nose side) must be plucked. Then, drag the pencil to the outer corner of your eye, here again you depilatory which exceeds the area delineated by the pencil. Do not forget the other eye!
The thickness
It depends on the original size of your eyebrows and the shape you want them. It is important that the inner corner of the eyebrow is thicker than the rest of the eyebrow. You can draw, using a pencil eyeliner darker hairs that line that you want them. Epilating the hairs that are outside our area.
The route
The layout of your eyebrow should form a curve that is rising to ¾, and ¼ down. After your first waxing, there is no question that service since you have only to remove hair hairs grow back as you go. Hint: draw the hair in the direction of its regrowth while simultaneously pulling on the portion of skin that you want to remove hair. If you're magnifying glasses, you can cheat until the hair grows. Use a pencil to make the color of your eyebrows and redrawn by several small strokes the ideal curve.


If you're not a genius make-up and you're afraid of looking like nothing (not even you) when you make yourself up, you can always make you at stores like Sephora or Marionnaud that will give you advice or make yourself up free! You no longer have to replicate their techniques if you like it! Remember, before going to bed is a crucial thing to do when you're makeup in the morning ... You have, after a long day under
makeup, remove it all with cotton and removing cream ... Otherwise your skin will morfler