The Flat Belly diet in five tips

Flat Belly diet
With summer comes, there is nothing surprising about wanting to get rid of the little belly left there by winter. But to reduce his waistline is not a sinecure. Yet, through our 5 tips for a flat belly diet, it's easy!

1. Optimize your meal. Take care to eat in peace, in complete relaxation and slowly. A meal in a hurry can be enjoyed. You then incur the risk of being hungry again a few hours after your meals and snacks. Chew each bite well to facilitate the work of your stomach and swallow a little air. Indeed, the latter is responsible for your bloating and abdominal swelling.

2. Drain. To drain the metabolic waste associated with weight loss and get rid of your toxins, you should consume plenty of water. 1.5 liters per day is ideal. Add to complement the teas generally contain the draining effect of green tea, kelp, licorice, etc..

3. Boost your bowel. It is no secret, if your stomach is swollen, there is a reason. Bet on the fibers which can be found in fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals, etc.. The right dose is 25 to 30 grams per day. Learn to read labels!

Other allies in your fight against the slow digestion: fermented dairy products you will find the form of yogurt or cheese.

4. Banish alcohol. Alcohol is the number one enemy of flat stomach. Its very high in calories (180 for a glass of gin, for example!) Is surely something. In addition, it promotes the accumulation of body fat in the abdominal region and hips.

5. Restart your bloodstream. Nothing better to reduce your waistline as activate your circulation by simple gestures. In the shower, gently rub your stomach with a horsehair glove. Complete with a jet of cold water to tone the skin.

Another tip: daily and vigorously rub your belly with a moisturizer or cream slimming, always activate your bloodstream.

Of course, in addition to the flat belly diet, you should review your diet and reduce your calorie intake slightly to optimize the results. A few rounds of abdominal performed daily will take care of your new perfect flat stomach.