Gabby Joseph: model suicide on Facebook

 A broken life in the prime of life and a modeling career already well underway. Yet the 16 year old Gabby Joseph mattered little, she was only interested in staying close to the boy she loved. E 'for this reason that he decided to commit suicide by throwing himself under a train. His love affair was over and she has no right to strike.

I love you all, first wrote about Facebook to make the crowds move.
I do it for myself, he added. These posts have been alerted that the model's friends have begged her not to make nonsense. Has anyone tried to reach the phone, but nothing has helped to stop it.

 For many it was a predestined Gabby, one of those models already destined for success and highly sought after although it was still very young. I wonder how many guys could have had at his feet, but she wished that he had decided to break off their relationship.
 Gabs wrote that he felt the lack of everyone and then, said Nyan Lebajoa, a friend of hers. He had never written such things and no one expected. All writing on his Facebook page phrases like 'Do not do anything stupid'.
The next day I received a call from a photographer with whom we had both worked. He told me that Gabs was dead, I fell to the ground in tears, he said. VIPs on Facebook now using social networking sites such as a real safety valve, relying increasingly on the creation of Mark Zuckerberg their last wishes.