Google added the option to preview your search results

Google introduced "Instant Previews", improving your search engine which provides a preview of web pages resulting in a query.
The new application will be an option that the user can activate by selecting the magnifying glass icon you will find in the results obtained in the search process.

Preview images of internet portals appear to the right of the screen, along with links to text and automatically change as you pass the mouse pointer to another outcome.

"People who use 'Instant Previews' has a 5 per cent more likely to be satisfied with the outcome of their choice (from among all possible)," said Raj Krishnan, Product Manager of Google.

"The previews offer new ways of evaluating the results of searches, making it more likely to find what you were looking at the pages you visit," said Krishnan.

Another innovation included in this system is that the preview images of websites have gone through a filter to Google and instead of being merely a picture of the site have been modified to increase the place where the words I was looking for the user.

Krishnan said that "Instant Preview" comparing streamlines internet portals without having to visit and help you find visual content, such as tables, diagrams or drawings.

This system operates under the search parameters selected by the user, so if you select a moderate filtering, which is the default one, Google will keep on the preview images are unsuitable content, such as those that are obscene or of sex.