The Grand Mere Remedies for Weight Loss

Remedies for Weight Loss
 The first thing to consider is that at the time of our grandmothers, there were very few industrialized products. Suddenly, one was obliged to put it behind a stove to prepare dishes. Nowadays, food is far too easy to access. It was fast food, ready meals, biscuits, frozen foods etc.. The temptation is always great to splurge on anything and everything.

Added to this, the chemicals found in these products. Too much salt, too much fat, too many conservatives ... all that awakens our appetite more than necessary. Nevertheless, there are still some simple tips to successfully control his line:

• Eat in small plates with small seats. Psychologically, it feels like to eat more because it takes more time to swallow its meal. In addition, we reach satiety sooner.
• Drink water, it helps fill the stomach when you are peckish. Apples are also very effective.
• Eat at regular times. The body likes regularity because it is a form of security for him. He will not want to store fat and does not arouse your appetite rather than randomly. So, of course, never skip meals. Leaves very little to eat, you have to eat anyway.
• Eat a starter, main course and dessert.
• Eat a serving of vegetables such as cucumber or salad. You can get an exemption if your main meal consists of vegetables (green beans for example). Vegetables are composed of fibers that swell in the stomach. They can eat less and they are good for health.
• Eat a little meat, it helps reduce cellulite.
• For dessert, choose fruit or cottage cheese.
• Finally, drink only water table. Sodas tend to whet the appetite.
• Breakfast is supposed to be the most lavish meal of the day.
• Brush your teeth immediately after your meal. This will prevent you from snacking right after.
• Get active when you feel a little hollow. Sport cutting hunger and even several hours after exercise, you will have trouble cracking a treat. You will not want your workout is useless.
• If you get hungry, snack on a carrot. The fact to chew slow the absorption of calories and you reach satiety sooner.
• To destroy the excess fat, cider vinegar is very effective. Pour 2 teaspoons cider vinegar not distilled water in a glass of cranberry juice or apple and swallow everything before your meal (3 times a day). Apple cider vinegar also helps make skin more beautiful.