How to eat well

How to eat well

Eat healthy while having fun, it seems very complicated at first. We sell so much fat and sugar associated with pleasure that we can no longer enjoy the simple things. For example, too few people enjoying a fruit or yogurt for dessert. Nowadays, it leans towards the pastries and other baked goods. Same with the entrees. It no longer plans to fill his belly with something other than fat, fries, pasta or cheese fat. It is time to change his habits and taste again the urge to eat!

 The first thing to do is ask in a quiet and reflection than 5 minutes. Get yourself a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the foods you love. The more calories as the best health. Do not censor yourself. Once you've made this list, think two seconds about how you continue to have fun while learning to eat well. You will realize that this is possible because everything is a matter of association.

Learn to associate its food, it will change your life! So you do culpabiserez more eating chocolate cake or a slice of pizza. Wondering how? We must consider two important data first: lunch time and quantity of food. Indeed, everything is good to moderate condition.

The best technique is to eat the foods richest in the breakfast. Indeed, the body burns everything you swallow the morning! While conversely, it will tend to store what you swallow the evening. Why? Well, simply because he is afraid that you lack the reserve. If you eat a lot in the morning, you put your body in confidence. It will kill everything. However, if you eat little or nothing for breakfast, your body will get scared and will catch up at lunch and especially dinner.

As an example of breakfast, you can integrate your cookies or a slice of chocolate cake at a traditional hot chocolate / toast. Top it off with a fruit and I assure you that you will be hungry for several hours! Also, keep in mind that sugar fills the stomach on the spot but he is quickly stored. So you get hungry faster. Therefore it is better to eat bread as a compromise. It is important to have good associations to prevent you from starving.

Also, I advise you to cook up dishes. I know it's difficult because you do not necessarily time. Or, more likely you'll eat in a fast food restaurant in a traditional sometimes by lack of resources. But try to limit the damage. Do not take soft drinks, drink water. Avoid fried foods and opt for pasta or green vegetables. So if you go to the kebab, rather choose the couscous and vegetables. If you go to a pizzeria, do not get dessert.

Everything is a matter of dosage. Learn to associate a food enjoyed a healthy food. And you'll find that you will feel better about yourself.