How to refine her thighs

How to refine her thighs

Refine Its CuissesPour slim thighs, you have three options (listed in order of importance):
• Initiate a low calorie diet. This is to reduce your calorie intake. You go on the basis of your current diet and you remove all the superfluous sodas, pastries, fried foods etc.. You learn to change your way of cooking (no more oil and cream) and you miss the ready meals from supermarkets.

• Make a cardiovascular sport. It comes to choosing an endurance sport. The best known is jogging, but you can also make the jump rope. We must practice more than 40min for the body draws energy into your fat stores.
• Strength training. You can also work the muscles in your legs locally through specific exercises. These exercises are done to strengthen.
If you can earn the three proposals, you can fine tune very quickly.

The low-calorie diet is essential. You will not lose your thighs without reducing calorie intake. Indeed, the body stores hugely in the thighs ... but it is also the very last part of the body lose weight! So, you have no choice, the sport itself will never come to grips with these localized fat.
You should therefore adopt a new eating habits. Do not be strict because you have to hold for very long. If you want to lose weight quickly, avoid fat and sugar. But once achieved your goal, you must orient towards balanced meals. If you resume your old rate, you may resume all your weight ... and gain cellulite!

Once your new eating habits defined, add two or three sessions of sport per week. I recommend jogging at your own pace, at a rate of sessions at 1h 45min. The sport of endurance is truly magical. However, the first three or four times, you will not see any obvious results. However, thereafter, you'll feel melt at the speed of light.

The important thing is not speed but time. Go at your own pace, the important thing is you never stop. At first, you can not exceed 20min. It does not matter. Add each additional race meeting 5min until you reach your goal. You can only get better as the body, strength training, will get used to the effort.
If you still have energy, finish a few minutes of strength training with exercises for glutes and thighs. Keep in mind that bodybuilding does not lose weight, it serves to strengthen. So, you must go through a cardio session before you get to the gym. Otherwise, it will have almost no effect.