The principle of the sauna

The sauna is made of pine in the north; inside, seating on several levels, and a stove where hot volcanic stones. During the meeting, you can pour water on these stones in order to moisten the atmosphere, but unlike the steam room where the atmosphere is saturated with 100% humidity, heat the sauna remains dry (between 3 and 20%), but also greater: from 79 to 90 ° C approximately.

The ritual of the sauna, step by step

The sauna starts first with a shower, hygiene course, but also to warm the body. We will carefully rub the body's extremities (hands and feet) to achieve a relatively uniform temperature throughout the body. A thorough drying will prevent the body cool, but not to delay the process of sweating in the cabin once.

Then one enters the cabin, where we sit, the choice on the bench top or bottom. Know this: the more one climbs, the more heat is important. Small clarification: the sauna is practiced preferably naked for hygiene reasons, but also not to hinder the process of sweating and the circulation.

This first passage in the cabin takes up 8 to 10 minutes slowly, the process of sweating begins. It is primarily the upper body sweats. When the sweat beading on flows in the body, it is time to leave. This passage can be shortened and the process of sweating is not yet well established, the body temperature rises more rapidly, and the heat can quickly become unbearable ... Listen to your body!

Direction then the shower, or warm water, or rather cool, remove the sweat and cools the skin. In traditional saunas, it is in a cold water bath (17 ° c) immerse the bravest! After the shower, some rest (15, 20 minutes) to restore the body's functions. In order not to cool the body, remember to cover.

During a sauna in the rules of art, we repeat this cycle three times: hot shower + sauna + shower + fresh rest. The duration of the sauna varies from 8 to 15 minutes is usually the second portion is the longest, because the body is accustomed to heat. On the third pass, fatigue arises, one can either delete it or shorten it. Between each meeting in the cabin, remember to rehydrate.

The benefits of the sauna

The high temperature causes heavy sweating, which helps eliminate toxins accumulated in our body.

The high heat also helps relax muscles, release tension and any body aches. It also stimulates cardiac function. The alternating hot and cold about it gives a boost to the bloodstream.

Finally, the effect of "knocking out" the heat (the entire body is mobilized to regulate its temperature, the brain, it "wins") can break free from everyday concerns.