Shiatsu: the well-being through the hands

"Shiatsu", everyone has heard this word, but nobody really knows what it is! Martial art? Asian meditation method? Derivative of yoga?
Well no, Shiatsu is a traditional manual technique that aims to relieve and relax.

And if the well-being passed through the box for "shiatsu"?

Shiatsu literally means "pressure by the fingers," is a very old technique following the traditional Chinese medicine.

Influenced by various Asian therapies, Shiatsu has evolved over the centuries, until being officially recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Health in the mid-twentieth century as "a technique using the fingers and palms of hands, to exercise pressures in local areas, with the objective of correcting irregularities of the body, preserve and improve health. "

and is enjoying growing success as many manual methods such Ayurveda, chiropractic ...

The principle of shiatsu:
The aim of shiatsu is to combine the forces of body and mind to restore the flow of vital energy in the body with the fingers, like acupuncture is propose to do with needles.
The pressures are not applied randomly on the body, but following the meeting points of the meridians, lines that "pass through" the organization, in connection with different organs.
When these specific points are "locked" energy can not move and this results dysfunction: pain, fatigue ...
Shiatsu aims to promote the "release" of these energy areas, providing a feeling of well-being.

To perform a shiatsu session, you must make an appointment with a qualified practitioner, educating yourself in advance to avoid falling on a non-certified.
The meeting takes place on a futon on the floor, on a table and takes about an hour. The subject, lying, keeps his clothes. Pregnant women may be seated sideways on a chair so that we can intervene on their backs.

In early trading, the practitioner will conduct first an "energy balance" to better target potential imbalances and be the best to listen to your body. To do this you will observe, ask you some questions about your lifestyle, your complaints or any ...
The session may start on the back or stomach. The practitioner will then follow specific routes by pressing, pressing more or less vigorous different target areas, using his fingers, his palms or elbows.

Finally, some breathing exercises and stretching can be applied to soften and relax your body.