Social Networking at Work

Social Networking at Work
Social Networking Social networking is undoubtedly one of the technological and social phenomena of recent times highlights. The whole world, and of course Chile has been dominated by sites like Facebook or Twitter, to name just the highlights.
What started as a tool technology and innovation purely "fun" has become a constant companion in the lives of many people, who already can not imagine a day without window shopping for tweets and transit through the walls of their friends.
This true "addiction" to create sites like Facebook and services like Twitter, it has been installed not only at home but also in the workplace of the users. This has caused alarm and concern in many companies.

Not only because of fears of a possible decline in the productivity of their employees, but especially because it is believed that employee participation in these networks can result in serious damage to the security and confidentiality necessary in any organization.
However, we must emphasize that these fears hide a lack of knowledge about the various options now offered the same technology to adapt the digital interaction of an employee to your workplace.

There are now on the market a number of programs that help protect the information of a company from inappropriate handling of its employees. The dilemma that occupies many company leaders is whether it is right to prohibit the use of social networking within the job or transfer to this phenomenon and allow their use during working hours.
I think the answer to this question must consider the context of each particular company. I know many cases where social networks have positively impacted productivity and work environment for certain types of businesses. For example, in the publishing or marketing and PR, where a Twitter account or a Facebook page is viewed today as a tool for communication and interaction is as valid as email.

In conclusion, it is recommended that each company individually analyze the positive or negative use of social networks in the workplace, and above all, always considering the views of all members of the organization. Many times, those who use these new tools are best able to diagnose the benefits and potential of technology.