Running to Lose Weight

You want to lose weight but you're struggling, it's normal. You heard the need to exercise to lose weight. True, but which one? Indeed, all sports are created equal. Some of your muscles too much and some may even book you unpleasant surprises such as weight gain in the thighs (the case of dance in general). However, there is a sport that mettera everyone agrees: jogging. You are 100% sure to lose extra pounds and we'll explain why. Start now to run to lose weight with our advice.

Running and jogging PoidsLe loss is the sport most economical. Only an investment in a pair of basketball is required. For the rest of the outfit, you just choose clothes in which you are comfortable (simple tank top, leggings and sweatshirt cotton, for example). Finally, you can choose any place to practice this sport. In a stadium as in the street, jogging around exercised at any time of day and easily. Moreover, given that you're alone, you can go at your pace. This is absolute freedom.

Here, we solved the practical aspect. Now, enter the thick of things, ie weight loss. Jogging will guarantee you a smooth silhouette because you will lose everywhere. Moreover, it is a sport that little muscle so you will not see your body rise. Instead, you go much you refine and strengthen you.

Running is one of endurance sports. The goal is to maintain over time. The performance of a speed point of view is secondary. Indeed, the body needs you you spend the time to eliminate calories. He will first withdraw energy in your stomach (your last meal) before digging into your reserves. Therefore, it is much more interesting to run an empty stomach.

But insofar as some people tend to fall into apples, this is not a recommended practice openly. Try once and see if you can do without food before you run. In the same spirit, you can burn your calories late in the day, after lunch and well digested before dinner. But in any case, do not force yourself if you start to feel bad. You must feel comfortable and dynamic when you run. Do not bully your body!

And do not forget to warm up before starting a run. Many feel some lazy to do it but it's essential. Just take 5 minutes to prepare your body. This will greatly reduce the risk of injury and your race will seem easier. Also, at the end of your effort, stretch. This prevents your muscles to swell and this limits the aches.

Regarding the duration of a race, it varies depending on your abilities. 45min without stopping, 2 times a week is a very good average, but you will not succeed at once. Start with 15 minutes sessions and once you're comfortable, you add slices of 5min. Gradually, your body will get used to the effort and you can run 1 hour without feeling tired after a few months.

You will develop your speed as you go. The important thing is to keep in time. Beyond the physical performance, this may seem complicated because you run with no real finish line. This may discourage some so get yourself an MP3 player and let yourself go in your mind. Another tip: Choose long term and decide to do no more than 5 laps in one hour. You will be pleased to see the variety of the landscape will facilitate your travel.