Alexander McQueen: Kate Middleton wedding dress copied in China

Poor Kate Middleton: her wedding dress has already been copied. And of course, has happened in China, home of the counterfeits. We still see the kiss between Prince William and his lovely Kate, as well as the sweet and tender moment in Westminster Abbey where the two lovebirds have sworn eternal love.

We still have to wipe the tears for the sentence pronounced by the groom as soon as he saw his beautiful (the "I love you, you're beautiful" is true sentimentalist who love stories with happy endings!). And then her wedding dress by Sarah Burton, creative director of fashion brand Alexander McQueen, has been cloned.

Moreover Kate Middleton must be accustomed to such things. As soon as he announced his engagement to Prince William, that's the ring he gave her has quickly become the most coveted in the world. So much so that some manufacturers have competed to commercialize a low cost version of the official engagement ring for Kate.

What's more the engagement ring, even the blue dress that she wore the beautiful Kate Middleton has become a cult figure among the fashionistas of the world, so that the clones that dress abound. And now we discover that the wedding dress of the new wife of the heir to the English throne was copied. In China.

It 'happened in the Chinese city of Suzhou, where many of the 700 present tailors who make every day wedding dresses have been working to create a low cost model that the Duchess of Cambridge apparel he wore on the day of his wedding. The original apparel wedding Kate Middleton would cost 30 thousand pounds for those who want to feel like you one day, do not worry, get the low cost version. Although match its elegance and style, I'm sorry, it will be impossible: there are things that can not be bought! :)