Aromatherapy for your home and Scented Candles

So that your home is perfectly perfumed, nothing better to incorporate scented candles in different corners. You will also serve to decorate every room, lounge, living room or the lobby

The aromas of our house are consistent with our personality and plug up those unpleasant odors caused by food, pets (if you have) ... This scented candles provide havens of peace, with different smells, but without being too strong, which may produce the opposite effect.

There are candles to make and sell: large, small, shaped, craft, different colors, to ward off insects outdoors, with the smell of vanilla, chocolate, just to decorate the table with Christmas themes. There is plenty of choice.

If we speak of candle oils are highly concentrated extracts distilled from plants collected from different parts: flowers, leaves, stems, roots, etc. All this is linked to aromatherapy that can be applied perfectly to your home and that is linked to people's emotional health. Is the method of healing by using natural essential oils.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote well-being and preserve global health. Aromatic plants from certain plant families allow extraction of their scents and essential oils, which are a concentrated potent, volatile and odor of the active ingredients in the plant.

We can speak of citrus oils, which the portal Pinsapo are sweet aroma, citric and refreshing. With the wing the effect is uplifting, refreshing but also soothing. For its part, the essence of pine provides an improvement in muscle, ending with stress, rheumatism, colds ... It is recommended to light the candle at the end of a busy day and feel the stress and strain away.

Also there are lemon, eucalyptus, and spices like cinnamon, cloves, thyme ... mint is one of the best smelling aromas will provide your home as well as cooling the house and the person's body.