It has always been considered meditation mental exercised considerable profit, tempered nerves, relaxing and reassuring, and even said that increased attention span, but given how subjective experience is never fully considered by the official science also on many occasions cults have marketed with such practices as have been disclosed by the right people,

what is meditation will be the first thing we should ask, in a literal sense meditation is not

is another thing to think about something, and this meaning must reach us in principle valid, but what matters is the way to go, and the object of our meditation, so that meditation will have infinite sides, as the truly important is to bring the mind to a single goal exclusion of all other thoughts that have nothing to do with the purpose to be achieved, then the mental processes will focus on the meditative and this action will allow us to increase focus in the right direction, until point to be fixed in the consciousness of both the action and the aforementioned object of meditation, at this point, the thought is deep enough to open the drapery that prevents us from seeing reality, and get to know the essence of both the act and the meditator and the link between ambos.Este mental act of meditation is characterized by attaining knowledge naturally, thinking with minimal information, that if, as accurately and realistically as possible, without getting lost in the subjectivity of self, means that the simplest mental processes are the least adulterated (culture, perception, information), and the result is a discourse less hindered and more promising when it comes to know reality, it is normal that mental processes meet needs of others that we have plugged in, they are not proper and condition greatly and are usually responsible for an unpleasant feeling of discomfort, mental delete all that crap is a prerequisite for enjoying a healthy meditation.

There are many schools and meditation techniques, they do just as a practitioner of yoga, martial arts one or prescient, there are notable differences, the degree of involvement of the body, and use techniques result in substantially different but we must not lose sight of the reasons for both are different but the result is similar, and know yourself through mental action which is characterized as stated earlier by the depth and attention.

You could say so vulgar or simple disconnect is what prevents us from recognizing and reconcile with our essence, and for this we use the best tool we have, our mind.

Today it has proven that meditation enhances cellular health because when we do we avoid the cellular stress favor a state of tranquility and relaxation thank our cells, allowing them to regenerate and store energy, it's time to recharge and inaction, we suffer from exhaustion and stress, and this does not work right, we caused a high attrition, meditation is a break in which the biological, mental and energy are synchronized.

Meditation enhances cellular health according to latest research, apparently this practice produces positive psychological changes increased telomerase levels, allowing better combat stress and prevent the rapid shortening of telomeres in cell replication, keeping the extension in May possible to the end of chromosomes, it is found that the reduction of these is related to aging.

The effect on behavior is also notable, the person better assess the circumstances before making decisions under pressure, increases the serenity and tranquility and the person is more proactive and less reactive.

You may also notice this benefit is made in the intellectual and emotional intelligence, but so far this has not been scientifically validated.