Charles Roger Hargreaves English author and illustrator of children's books

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Charles Roger Hargreaves (from May 9, 1935 to September 11, 1992) is an English author and illustrator of children's books, and months of his series Little Miss and Mister Maine, addressed to young readers.

The stories were written by a simple and fun colors and graphic illustrations delicious bold part of popular culture for over 25 years, achieving sales of more than 85 million copies worldwide in twenty languages.

Hargievz born in a private hospital, 210 Bath Street, Bkleahyton, West Yorkshire, England, to parents who complain of Alfred Reginald and Ethel Mary Hargreaves grew up in the 0703 Halifax Street Hi Liz, Bklehton too, which is currently under outside of the plate.
He spent a year working sink his father's clothing and dry cleaning before starting work in the field of advertising, however, the original ambition was to become a designer;. In 1971, while working as a creative company in London, has written his first book in the series Mister Maine, which Mr. Tickell. Facing the beginning of the difficulty of finding a publisher, but once he found, made a series of books became an instant success selling over a million copies within three years. In 1975, produced a TV British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) animated series titled Maine Mr. Shaw, Mr. Tickell release cycle if the voice of Arthur.

In the year 1976, Hargreaves has resigned as the morning period. In 1981 he began a series of books Little Miss to emerge. Which was also filmed in 1983 in the TV series, both John Olderton, audio performance for men and Pauline Collins, audio performance for women.
Although Hargreaves is the author of several children's stories as a series of Timbuktu, which consists of 25 books, John Mouse, books, round and square, but the best known are the books six and forty of the series Mister Maine and half past three-book series Little Miss

Son of his wife, Christine Hargreaves, four children: Adam, and Giles, and twins Sophie and Amelia.
Has been reported that the first figures of Mr. Maine has been to create when he asked Adam and his father, how they look.  Pets: Draw Hargreaves then form the body of a cycle of compression and has two arms and two long rubber which later became Mr. Tickell , This means that the preliminaries in English "Hargreaves Lived his last years in Jerinzi province.

After his death, Hargreaves was killed by a stroke in 1992, Adam ended March with his father to write and draw characters Mister and Little Miss Maine and presentation of news stories. However, Christine has sold during the month of April 2004, the property rights figures Mister Maine Korean English to a group of entertainment compared to 28 million pounds sterling.