Cosmetic testing on animals can make them on synthetic leather

The animal may now be able to rejoice! To perform the test cosmetics on animals is thinking of using the synthetic leather, thus able to save the skin of guinea pigs, used for the experiments.

To discover this revolutionary opportunity was an international team of scholars, who wanted to demonstrate before the whole world how it is possible to dispense with real leather. Let us see what has been said about this artificial skin, we are sure, will change the way we conceive of the laboratory experiments.

To make the announcement thought the prof. Bhushan (professor at Ohio State University) and Tang Wei (Chinese engineer at the University of China). The two researchers found that the synthetic skin and the skin of mice when treated with the cream, gave very similar answers. Hence, it is clear that to become the replacement step can be very short.

It was also important to find out how the synthetic leather can be a remedy for those people who have suffered burns. Wei Tang, speaking of animal skins, he wanted to make clear: "In addition to ethics, animal skin is difficult to obtain, is expensive and provides very mixed results because of individual variability of skin."