Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina kisses eat

The scene occurred in a Reataurant in Madeira where they were also the parents of Cristiano Ronaldo and his son. All witnessed the tender kisses, hugs and cuddles more from Real Madrid player and the Russian model Irina Shayk increasingly integrated into the family.

Without doubt, Ronaldo and Irina relationship is well established and the two are so in love that sometimes even forget that there are people around and being seated at the table eating, make a stop to indulge his love.

Not even mind being in front of his family, sets out the exclusive images of the American newspaper "Daily Mail" in ensuring that Christian and kisses Irina eat in front of the player's parents, sitting across the table, witness the scene impassively.

In the family gathering was also present a small very special guest: the son of Christian, who, according to the source who performed and published exclusive photos (the "Daily Mail ") was the result of a night of passion that the player had with a young student of 20 years in London.

The couple enjoyed a day of sun and relaxation in which they wore in an informal and comfortable: her without makeup and with a simple white tank top it with a pole and wearing a cap backwards