Do you believe in the end of the world at December 21, 2012 ?

The Mayans, Nostradamus, Merlin ... There is a phrase that is on the lips of many people: the end of the world is expected in 2012.

An apocalypse is announced in several movies (some better than others), books and a multitude of web sites ...

What really happen?
Of the 4 scenarios more "serious" what, in your opinion, is the most likely?

1 st theory: supervolcanoes

The hypothesis: They say little, and these volcanoes there perfectly. Why super? Because if erupt, the explosion would be 8 volcanic scale (the maximum), an effect 1000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.
We counted 42 in 32 million years. And Yellowstone, in the U.S. the most susceptible and that bothers everyone, is active and could explode at any time.

What awaits us: the atmosphere would be immediately saturated sulfuric acid, which prevent life in the area of ​​Yellowstone, in addition to the great outpouring of lava. And last but not least, the huge ash cloud formed due to eruption d ela proportional to the explosion, it would be so thick that it will block sunlight, causing a considerable drop in temperatures in the U.S.. Quickly, the agriculture of an entire continent would disappear, leading to famine in the entire northern hemisphere.

Why not think about it: Nothing is anticipated that the supervolcano erupts on December 21, 2012. And if you activate in the next few years or centuries, no one could figure out how far it could be violent eruption.

2 nd theory: the pole reversal

The hypothesis
Some scientists say: the pole reversal has already occurred throughout history. The North has become the South, and vice versa. As proof, a mammoth found in Siberia (an animal that was supposed to live in a warm climate) ... intact. It is as if struck by the cold sifdo. Not even had time to digest the tropical flowers that were still in his stomach.
Are the signs that announce the picture? The Earth's magnetic field decrease. And is that the magnetic field actually decreases for 150 years until it reaches the critical threshold ... 2012.

What awaits us
The same fate as the protagonist of the film The Day After .... but worse, because in reality would not survive (earthquakes, tsunamis, storms ...). We could end up like that poor frozen mammoth 20 000 years ago. Not to mention the absence of magnetic field, which would expose us to the toxicity of the solar wind.

Why not believe in this theory
Because the magnetic field varies continuously in intensity. And because the level of decline is explained by the phase plots are niveau et qui par chute s'explique the descending phase of the variation in which we live. Scientists also say that the poles could not be reversed again so soon, but it would take thousands of years.

Theory 3: Planet X
The hypothesis
Planet X, called Nibiru, would be the 9th planet in the solar system, much larger than Earth, however, invisible to the naked eye. To watch, should be used infrared. His name has been assigned by the Sumerians, one of the world's oldest civilizations, a name found in the clay tablets of the thirteenth century BC Its more accurate translation would be "cross" ... Not very reassuring. And that this planet would be very close to Earth every 3600 years. And that encounter is coming!

What awaits us
Nibiru's approach does not bode well! Reinforcement of the electromagnetic activity of the Sun, magnetic field decrease, activation of the volcanoes ... And that's not all: Planet X divert comets that might collide with Earth.

Why not believe in this theory
For the Sumerians identified their deities to the planets or stars. Nibiru would then only the name of a god!
Moreover, 3600 years ago, when the last encounter with Planet X, does not reveal any signs of upheaval. And the current astronomical observation techniques allow us to anticipate at least a decade any item that is closer to Earth.

4 th theory: the asteroid

The hypothesis
The species would die out every 62 million years. The cause? Meteorites. Since, as some say is the origin of the extinction of the dinosaurs ... 65 million years! Therefore, the extinction of our species would be imminent, caused by an asteroid "geocreceinte." These geocrecientes, continuously monitored by NASA, have been at least 6000 until today. The Earth is constantly under threat!

Thus, the March 1, 2004, an asteroid was only to 6500 km from Earth. Several public reports announcing the risk of colliding with Earth were denied.

What awaits us
According to the size of it, could destroy an entire continent or the whole planet! Only less developed species survive, as some insects. And surely would be the beginning of the dominance of that species surviving.

Why not believe in this theory
If all scientists to agree to claim that the meteorite theory is relentless geocreciente certainly would not be in 2012. Indeed, this type of phenomenon is anticipated no problem. And so far, no meteorites in sight!

Stories about the end of the world as these, could list dozens, and all should be perfectly credible. But all that is possible, and not always the case as well!
2012 is not unique. The end of the world has announced thousands of times and still alive.

is true that as the Mayan calendar the world ends on December 21, 2012, but ours, d ela hung behind the kitchen door, do not just every 31 December?

Whether or not the end of the world,  the December 22, 2012 let's see if we have survived!