Endoscopic Eyebrow lift

FROM THE WORLD. Reduced wrinkles, facial expressions intact and almost invisible scars. It 's the endoscopic eyebrow lift, one of the most popular techniques from plastic surgeons and oculoplastici United States

"The operation has several advantages: it sends back the clock in a mini-invasive, natural results and reduced recovery time - performed with endoscopic technique, the lifting of the eyebrow can be used with or without an upper and lower blepharoplasty , lipofilling a face, a facelift of the cheekbone.

All without visible incisions, recovery time with very limited (return to work in a week). Also, by working on some wrinkling of the forehead muscles, reduces wrinkles of the forehead in a definitive way, while assuring the facial expressions. " The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation and the patient returns home the same day without pain.

How does it work ? Technically, it is repositioning of the forehead, eyebrow and cheekbone, where necessary from the inside, with 5 small incisions to two centimeters each, hidden behind the hairline. The key aspect of the endoscopic procedure is that it allows for action from raising the tissues of the face that dropped (eyebrow and cheekbone) due to gravity, and then in a natural way and completing the tissues that have lost volume due to the associated lipofilling.