Facebook and Google covet Skype

The two Web giants, Google and Facebook would consider each on their side, to get closer to Skype, the owner of the eponymous software that allows free calls over the Internet.

According to Reuters, two scenarios are considered: creation of joint venture or outright purchase of Skype.
Skype is valued between 3 and 4 billion. While Skype, the global Internet telephony, questioned for months about a possible IPO, another alternative could be considered. Tony Bates, a former vice president of Cisco Systems, arrived at the head of Skype in October, has already pushed back the IPO plans of the company, could join a giant web, or give Skype , understands Reuters.

Skype valued at 3 and 4 billion dollars

According to U.S. news agency, discussions were held separately with Google and Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, and have participated in internal discussions regarding a possible takeover of Skype. According to another source, the discussions between the two companies have focused on creating a joint venture. Facebook and Skype is well aware, several agreements have been signed and the two companies, including exchange databases.

Redemption or joint venture?

However, still according to Reuters, talks with Google would not wear it on a buyout of Skype but the creation of a single joint venture.
Google has already launched its Google Voice, this agreement would allow it to move up a gear in the field of voice over IP as well as it would benefit from the technology and the popularity of Skype.