How many times have you that your PC is suddenly extinguished, or strange that would open the windows you have open without you, or e-mail that is sent to all your contacts without your knowledge? Unfortunately this means that your PC might be present in viruses, malware, spyware, and so on.

Today, Internet use is essential but carries risks. Long ago, the virus could enter only through the inclusion of PC Floppy, which now have been replaced by CD, DVD and modern from Pen Drive, and must be very careful because it is sufficient that one of them is infected to propagate any virus.
As a result, many times the single antivirus is not enough to solve the problem at hand, unfortunately.

Microsoft, through its rapid updates, called Patch (or improvements to programs), and to ensure the security, in theory would prevent the intrusion of various viruses and malware. What's more, these patches and these various antivirus slow down the system fairly obvious, although it is essential to defend themselves.


Viruses are designed to cause damage to your PC and steal the data stored in it. Once in the PC, the virus causing the removal of documents, files, images and all that you have stored in your system. It also happens that documents are sent via email without your knowledge to those who are in your address book.

Regarding Malware, Spyware and Adware, they are programs that attempt to access data stored on your hard disk to allow external users to access your data such as passwords, documents and so on. The so-called 'keylogger', moreover, are specifically designed to track the keystrokes you type on your keyboard.

You may wonder why these are created by malicious programs. Well, the answer is simple: to get to your documents. In addition, many antivirus companies themselves, as experts in the field, send virus. The reason may be quite clear: to ensure that the market is always an advantage, because - if there were no virus - the programmers could not sell anything.