Google Music, the beta is ready to launch

 It is expected for today, in the late afternoon, the announcement of Google Music, direct rival to Amazon Cloud Drive.

It is expected that the Google ad service during the event Google I / O: this is what is called a digital locker, or an online repository to store all your music and then benefit from it from any device connected to the web.

Google Music, which will debut in beta as a tradition for new services company in Mountain View, will open to the public in steps: the first will be attending the Google I / O and users of Motorola Xoom, the first tablet with Android 3.0.

Then open up the service call and, finally, the general public. Given that require Adobe Flash, however, rule out a slice of users: those with devices with IOS.

Every user of Google Music will be able to upload for free up to 20,000 songs which then can listen to streaming (or re-download) from the tablet, smartphone or PC.

The service does not allow you to buy new songs: the agreements with record companies, who do not look favorably on Music fearing an illegal use of pirated material to spread, it will seem to wait much longer.

According Zahavah Levine, director of Google, a simple remote storage service does not require the acquisition of licenses for the songs: It's as if someone did their own personal copies of music and transfer it to your iPod, only instead of a hard using a portable hard disk drive in the cloud.