Hair Fashion: Short hair

For a short hair has an adequate volume we have to observe that a type of very fine hair limp sparsely not much volume.

If we have a very thick or frizzy hair, we will be more difficult to control the volume of short hair.
"I can adapt my hair look cool?

The trends are very diverse, we can bring the latest fashion hair but adapting to our needs.

Within each trend there are different variants hair to fit in different sizes, do not always have to make a radical change.
FAQ with tips for hair fashion

What to do to have clean hair?

If we use products such as foams and coatings make your hair from debris. To clean this waste used from time to time in the last rinse a squeeze of lemon juice or vinegar, should not overwhelm us because we can dry the hair.

What trick is to not dry your hair?

If you always dry your hair dryer, try to occasionally let it air dry. Always use dryer can remove the hair shine and dry gradually.

What should I do to last me colored hair?

Many products for volume or prevent dandruff often have many aggressive components that can damage the hair color, uses a special shampoo for colored hair or a shampoo with a slightly acid PH.