Healthy Eating and balanced diet

The healthy and balanced diet is the first way to a life in full form,

Foods you should avoid

We all know the foods that are harmful to our health, an example of which you should avoid at all costs are:

    • sugars (candy, ice cream and pastries)

    • White bread (try to reduce the intake or change it ideally wholemeal bread, the same for rice or pasta, if better integrated, if not do not overdo it)

    • Juices and sugary drinks (if the majority of artificial juices have added sugars and sugary drinks have large amounts of sugar)

    • Chips and all that is fried in oil

    • Fatty Meats

    • Fatty meats

Foods that should be present in your diet ...

    • Vegetables, legumes and fruits

    • Fish

    • non-fat meats (chicken, turkey, and lean meat ...)

    • Olive oil

The portions of each food ...

This is very important for a balanced diet the right portions are:

    • Vegetables and fruit = the measure of your two hands together

    • Carbohydrates = Like a tennis ball (the carbohydrates are rice, pasta or bread, if they are full)

    • Protein = The measure is like the palm of your hand (the proteins are fish, meat and eggs ...)

The number of times you eat each day ...

The ideal is to eat five times a day, small portions and avoid three meals very strong, so you stay satisfied all day long and full of energy, the distribution would be as follows:

    Mid-morning Snack
    Light dinner