How to create a flower arrangement

How to create a flower arrangement to make our home more beautiful? What we can choose flowers for our floral arrangements? Create a flower arrangement is easy, just follow our advice and you'll see some results!

To make your home comfortable and pleasant enough little more often, even a touch of color to him by a beautiful flower arrangement. Do not worry, there is no need to learn the delicate art of ikebana, or you have an expensive nursery, you can do all by themselves! Just follow some simple trick to make the beautiful flower arrangements.


1 - Visit your confidence and choose your florist of many colored flowers, but with no exaggerated tones in the mix. Take a few more classic flower like roses and other flowers in season. Then try some of the branches in some green leafy park, do not necessarily buy them.

2 - Base your composition on the green and white and then punteggiatela with colorful flowers.

3 - Choose the vase with care: not too big, ceramic or earthenware. If you can find a vase that has a somewhat 'vintage effect you have a really pleasant.

4 - To start building your composition add the green parts: the branches and leaves.

5 - Place first the smaller flowers in order to create a structure in which the then add bigger flowers.

6 - Add the largest flowers being careful to create a balanced composition, do not put two flowers of the same type next to each other!

7 - Arrange flowers now even smaller and delicate. Choose their accommodation with care, so as to create pockets of color that make the composition more interesting.

8 - Continue to and adds flowers, but when you do turn the vessel in order to be certain that it is full in all sides and there are the most depleted.

9 - Choose the right place to place the pot in order to enhance the composition.

10 - Enjoy the result!