how to get the love ideal guy of your dream

The first thing you should consider before you start reading this "manual to link" is that whether you are male or female, the key to conquering a person is that you are natural. If you overreact, sooner or later they will realize and will be worse, "the remedy to the disease." Once provided the cornerstone of all loving Decalogue, if you want to drop that kid And surrendered to your feet, simply follow the instructions you give.

With that and a bit of spark own contributions .. you get the love of your ideal guy is "like a breeze."

1 .-  There's nothing she loves more men than women who go through life safely, stomping. Determined, strong, capable of making decisions ... you say you do not Mata-Hari of your model, but we advise you to demonstrate your ideal guy you can live without it. The kids seem to sense when a woman goes for it and love be as challenging to win her heart.

2 .- Femininity. You're a girl and therefore must act accordingly. It is great that you love to talk football, sportswear and swearing like a trucker, but if you do that all you get is that only see you as a friend, a colleague has to be taken for some beers. If you win you show your feminine side.

3 .- Costume. Sexy but not too bold because they frighten. An appropriate neckline, a skirt with a slit strategically located .. but never a dress completely transparent, because if there is something they love to men is to imagine what will be under the clothes you wear so suggestive ... It is always best to suggest that display. Also if you dress like sexy and provocative, if you're well down the street and they look at the rest of men, turn black.

4 .- Praise. It is well known male feature wish your girl tell you how great and wonderful it is in all respects and that as he will not find any. Even if they think they can lie like so they fatten the ego, which gives them the same. If you open a can comment it how strong he is, if it manages to tell the most beautiful and if you question is always the best at everything. Although you know it's a lie, live it, the poor man is happy so ...

5 .- Physical Appearance. Not always want us to be top models, thin, tall, beautiful ... there are tastes of all kinds. What all agree on is that the girls hate heavily made up, too jeweled or have too much perfume. True, then they put a hundred are the ones that are painted, but in his ideal girl looking to be fixed but is not noticed. Understand that should not be very pleasant to eat lipstick, or end the day with more paint on the shirt in a picture of Van Gogh ...

6 .- Understanding. If you have problems at work, hope to understand them and give them love in abundance. If you can hear what she tells you, you'll get in the boat in less than you think. If you think a roll what he says, put poker face and say how great it is. Be quiet to hear your compliments.

7 .- Details. If you think that only the details you like, you're wrong. This rare specimen called man also appreciated the outpouring of love. Yes, amazing things you like because the pastry corny scare you. A gift under your pillow, a call fun, sexy set ... so you go crazy.

8 .- Sensitivity. If you cry at the movies and he can lend their Kleenex or alternatively the sleeve of his shirt, if you love animals and children, he was very moved senitirá. If you hold him in a movie for fear he'll be protective and strong, and I love the fact that you need. Of course, not see who depend on him or be scared.

9 .- Initiative. When you can think of any plan, be bold, do not hesitate to propose ... not always have to be him who takes the iniciativa.Y well at all. If you like a boy and he can not decide, do it yourself, with subtlety. And if you want to seduce employs body language to express what you want. If you give to a moderately clever, then understand it and go straight for you.

10 .- Measure. You love to talk, but if you spend will think you're a parrot. Want to know all of his ex-girlfriends but interrogated him feel harassed and run. So the best advice, especially at first, is to measure and put some mystery in the relationship. Then when you have on your boat, whatever you do will seem divine, because if you follow our advice, simply I adore You.