Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are together on vacation to Hawaii

After becoming the undisputed star of the night's Billboard Awards, by winning six Oscars, Justin Bieber has decided to take a well deserved holiday. The Canadian singer has set sail in the company of his girlfriend, actress Selena Gomez, Hawaii, where both have made ​​do with swimwear beach road.

While Selena was wearing a pink bikini shorts combined with jeans and a huge bag of Leopard, Justin wore a torso wearing colorful shorts.
The boys walked prepared to take a bath and still holding his hand, only accompanied by his bodyguard.

Justin, 17, sporting a new tattoo on his torso under his left arm that is attached to the bird can be seen on her hip. This holiday will mean a break for Bieber after his tour and a reward for his numerous successful as it received six awards at the gala of the Billboard. However, has not escaped the paparazzi that have made ​​numerous photos, both in Los Angeles and arriving in Hawaii, in addition to enjoying your holiday.