The lemon diet , slim in a week

 what stars do to keep in line and pretty and always be happy? We have researched and found the secret to always be so perfect: the lemon! The new diet is causing a stir in Hollywood.

This does wonders miracle food. Do not wait any longer to fill you with vitality, eliminate toxins, eliminate unnecessary flab and increase brightness, with only a basket of lemons!

Every day, he discovers the 7 principles of the method of Dr Martine André and detailed menus. See how you feel progressively cleaner, in the form, light ... and come down, at least, one size of pants!

Lose weight: one day "detox" to purify the body

Before starting the diet, it is necessary to leave the body free of toxins that block, to help revitalize the digestive system. But for that, do not have to fast! If you do not feed the body, rather than clean, which makes it produce more waste.

For this reason, we must consume natural products that will enhance the cleaning process, and water, which favors the drainage and elimination of toxins.
To facilitate the cleaning process, drinks throughout the day lemon juice glasses at room temperature (2 tbsp lemon juice + 30 ml of water filtered + 2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup grade B or branch cinnamon + 1 pinch of cayenne pepper), but also tea, homemade vegetable purees ...

At day's end you will feel fitter and lighter: normal, because you've also lost between 500 g and 1 kg, depending on your weight and height.