Makeup Bag and types

Makeup bags are compartments used to store and organize items of makeup. They are made of hard or soft shell with multiple compartments and closures. They can be small enough to fit into bags or large enough to be carried as
hand luggage.

Makeup Bag types are:

Micros makeup bags

Micros makeup bags are designed to carry a makeup item such as lipsticks.
They can be plastics, leather or wood.
Usually have mirrors built.
They are ideal for everyday use.

Travel makeup bags

 Makeup travel bags are designed to travel out of town or abroad.
 May be plastic, cloth, leather, shells or hard.
They come in small and large sizes.
 They are made ​​of metal hardware such as brooches, buckles and zippers.

They are ideal for professional makeup artists.

Home makeup bags

Home makeup bags are large enough to store and organize all items of makeup.
They can be fabric, leather or plastic.
They usually come in hard deposits with multiple compartments and dividers.
They are available in different designs and colors to suit the user's personal style.

Choosing Makeup bags (the Buying Tips)

Size: Choose a small makeup bag for everyday use in the office and a larger one to carry on their journeys.

Sub: Choose a great makeup bag with multiple dividers and compartments to organize all your makeup and tools for easy access.