Manchester 3-1 Barca the final of the Champions League between FC Barcelona and Manchester.

 FC Barcelona has become crown at Wembley with a resounding victory by 3-1 to Manchester United and showing that the number of titles won in the past seasons are no coincidence. [So we've told the Barcelona - Manchester] [Facts & Figures Match] [So they played one by one]

 El Barça de Guardiola closes a cycle that began in this same stage 19 years ago, when the 'Dream Team' of Cruyff won the first Champions in their history but they do clearly showing that this ship is going to dethrone, if has not already done so, to that dream team of 92 and remembered by all rivals FC Barcelona and the best teams in football history [Poll: Is the club the best team in history?].

 If passed into history Koeman Barça and Wembley, the night of May 28 have been Pedro, Messi and Villa who have written their names in golden letters in the history of football, having scored three great goals that will remain true in the Barca memory. It is the fourth European title of Barca, the thirteenth in a Spanish team. With four 'eared', equals the club Bayern Munich and Ajax Amsterdam.