Mariah Carey authorized by the Protective Services

Los Angeles. Department of Children and Family Services has determined Twins Mariah Carey in a healthy and safe environment,
DCFS launched an investigation after receiving an anonymous tip that the singer drank a beer while breastfeeding in the hospital shortly after giving birth last month. Sources told TMZ that the DCFS found no merit to the investigation.

Carey told the social workers did have a Guinness, but only after a hospital staff member told him to drink a dark beer help breast-feeding. She never hid the fact that beer consumption was determined that he did nothing wrong.

Carey's husband, Nick Cannon, talked about the whole ordeal that Piers Morgan on CNN last week. "Child Protective Services actually came to me," Cannon said, "and said they were here to see me because there had been allegations that there were drugs and alcohol during their stay in the hospital."

"It all started when a nurse suggested to my wife that if you drink Guinness stout beer, yeast improves breastfeeding," Cannon said. "I do not know if anyone heard [and] was telling my wife was drinking beer. People will do anything to try to conjure a story."