Massage and Beds types of massage

Massage Beds
A massage is a therapeutic and high surface used for massage purposes. It resembles a set of bed height in a frame with foam pads on the surface that supports the entire body. In general, it is upholstered in leather and vinyl. It is commonly used as a flat surface to hand massages.

A massage with a built engine offers various massage techniques is also available.

Beds types of massage

Portable massage bed

A portable massage table is made ​​of a sturdy wooden folding yet.

Comes with removable pads that can be stored in a case.

Thermal massage bed

Thermal massage bed uses infrared technology to produce heat that penetrates deep into the muscles.

It is made ​​with a durable steel frame and aluminum with a weight capacity of more than 300 pounds.

It can be equipped with vibrating rollers that provide a more complete massage.

Air massage

An air bed uses air pressure massage to provide massages.

It uses an engine that can be controlled by computer to perform the massage and specify the mode of vibration.

Choosing Massage Beds (Buying Tips)

Weight capacity: Choose a massage resistant enough to keep your height and weight. To ensure the security and stability, looking for a massage with a weight capacity of more than 300 pounds.

Comfort: For maximum comfort, choose a massage table with a padded surface. If you want to massage no foam padding, buy a massage pad along the bed with her.