MOTORCYCLES Presentation: Ducati Diavel

When news broke that Ducati factory bikes most rabid sports in the world, be developing a kind of mega custom, power cruiser or muscle bike (ufff, that embarrassment of -words )
 Many screamed to the sky. How the World Superbike champion is going to happen to custom? Well, not the first time because in the 80's, the trademark held by the Castiglioni brothers and produced the Indiana Ducati ... but it is another story.
The truth is that this model promises to open a new route, because with his dragster bike looks promising sports figures of power to weight ratio and a level of technology light years ahead of its rivals more or less direct, but the norm in recent models Ducati: adjustable traction control, selectable power curves, engine 1198, weighing nearly 200 kilos when the others are above 100 kilos ... this would be true, or may not meet expectations?
Yes. When you see it, you never imagined you with a bike so impressive that combines pure sportiness and naked bike attractive as any in the story so far.