MOTORCYCLES Test 125: Yamaha BW's 125

Yamaha BW's 125: Renaissance In the early '90s, the world of scooters underwent a revolution with the arrival of a new "race. " Compared to traditional small wheel models, particularly the urban, high-wheel or had triumphed with models like the Honda
Scoopy, there appeared the so-called "fat wheel. " Thus, the tires were too wide and tall, as well as incorporating a relief of tacos giving them the ability to shoot (in moderation, of course) on sand in addition to the asphalt.

This very particular aesthetic success and created a legion of fans who made ​​models like the Yamaha BW's very successful for many years. After many years disappeared from the catalog of the Japanese, have decided to revive it with current technology and aesthetics renewed, but always keeping the lines that made ​​its predecessor almost the symbol of a generation.