Portable Air Conditioners and Types

Portable airconditionerPortable air conditioners cool indoor areas using the heat from the air and steer away from the room. They are slightly compressed bodies designed for easy transport and storage. They are usually less powerful than stationary models, and are often used to supplement existing air conditioning systems, and are available as home and commercial units.


 Home models are commonly used in barns, campers, and garages. Commercial units are usually larger and have the widest coverage. Commercial portable air conditioners also prevent overheating during extreme weather temperatures, especially in buildings with limited cooling resources.
Types of portable air conditioners are:
Evaporative Air Conditioners
Use of air conditioners by evaporation of water to absorb heat. When the water reaches a certain temperature, boiled and thrown away as steam or hot air. They are best used in dry climates, because moisture and the creation of introducing moisture into the air. In general, LEDs have control of battery power the vehicle powered by batteries. Evaporative air conditioners are available in 12 volt models, making it ideal for cars, boats and campers.
Air conditioning refrigerant
Air conditioning refrigerant Freon or refrigerant must absorb heat, causing condensation. His regular appearance of air conditioners, but they are usually on the floor. Most models connect to the outlets of 120 volts and have wheels or casters on the bottom. The condensed water or condensate is drained through a window for ventilation or stored in a container for later disposal.

Choosing Types Of Portable Air Conditioners
Energy efficiency. Choose a portable air conditioner with an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 900 or more to reduce energy costs and ensure fast and quiet operation. This is usually indicated by British Thermal Units (BTU) more power. Buy only from trusted brands, as some manufacturers indicate higher EER BTU to boost ratings.
Modes. Choose a portable air conditioner with additional functions such as heating, ventilation and dehumidification. You can search for a preset modes of adaptation to different environments and cooling needs. Make sure you can easily switch between modes. If you have a large room, consider getting a remote control unit for faster operation.
Filters. You can find a portable air conditioner with a built-in filter that removes dust and air pollutants. This is especially useful for people who are prone to colds and allergic reactions. Ionizing filters usually work best. Make sure the filters are easy to clean, replace and maintain.