Recall 58,000 cars for Kia Spectra

The Korean manufacturer Kia has announced a decision to recall 58,000 cars for Kia Spectra models (the name that has been sold in North America, the Kia Cerato) due to a problem that could lead to detachment of the tank.

This, in some circumstances, it may fall to the ground causing sparks and a potential fire hazard. The measure is aimed at the Spectra sold in some U.S. states are characterized by extremely cold weather conditions.

"There is a possibility that the constant exposure to salt used as an icing of roads - said the manufacturer - the hooks can corrode the tank. As a result, one or both latches leading might split the tank in contact with the ground, compromising the integrity and causing serious risk to road safety. "

The models affected by the recall drive will include the Kia Spectra LD assembled between 2004 and 2007. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) added that the damage to the tank could cause a fuel leak which, combined with the sparks, it could potentially cause a fire.

Further details will be disseminated further, while it is not yet known if there have already been incidents caused by this problem. In any case, the Korean company has confirmed that the Kia Spectra in question will be repaired free of charge by the dealers. The measure will start in June.