Stalking Nicole Kidman: A maniac haunted me

A bad experience for Nicole Kidman, who recently said it was the victim of stalking. Yes, even this wonderful woman, like many of her colleagues, has had its troubles because of the morbid attention to what she calls a true "manic. " It all started when the star was only eighteen, and was at that time that Nicole lived a nightmare.

"It 'was the most frightening experience of my life. When I was eighteen, a man followed me wherever I went, "he told the British tabloid The Sun diva

Nicole Kidman, recently became a new mom with a womb to rent, remember it perfectly: "He was older with long white hair. He found out where I lived and started to call me. Everything would have been born one night while I was sitting in a pub and he has set all night and then tell everyone around that he was my friend. "

"I tried to explain the situation to the police but they told me they could not do anything because I had extorted physical violence. What an absurd situation, it is possible that we can not do anything against these people who still hurt psychologically? "

It 'incredible to be able to do that must first wait for someone to do physical harm to persons. I leave you with the best photos of the beautiful actress.