Tanning Oil and types

Tanning Oils moisturize the skin to reduce the drying effects of tanning. They also intensify the ultraviolet light that reaches the skin to produce more immediate changes.

They can be applied before tanning sessions for the protection and tan faster, or better after tanning. They usually are made ​​with natural oils and extracts, such as sunflower oil, coconut oil, lanolin, cocoa butter, and vitamin C, D, and E.

Tanning Oil types are:

Protective Tanning Oil

     Tanning protective oils contain sunscreens and moisturizers to protect the skin from UV damage.
     They also prevent aging skin and seal in moisture to maintain healthy skin after tanning.
     I recommend for people with fair skin, which is usually more prone to skin cancer and other skin conditions.

Tanning oils that improve

     Tanning oils have no enhancing sunscreen and are used only to enhance tanning.
     They create a moist layer on the skin to seal in color and provide a deep shine.
     They most commonly are used during the tanning session to increase UV absorption.

Choosing Tanning Oils (Councils Purchase)
Absorption: Choose a tan oil which is easily absorbed through the skin.
Make sure it dries quickly to prevent attract dirt. Avoid thick oils and heavy oils because they take longer to penetrate the skin.

Moisturizers: Choose a tanning oil containing moisturizers and skin conditioners. These will protect your skin from burns, mostly because the skin is sensitive immediately after tanning.

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