Types of Cellulite: the worst enemies of women

How combat one of the worst enemies of women? Cellulite! It is a fat that lies beneath our skin, creating a small hole is known as unsightly orange peel and we have almost 70% of women.

Body parts of a woman who most suffer from cellulite are the buttocks and legs but can be prone areas of the body and belly. Cellulite is a major headache for all of us and affects us regardless of the weight and characteristics of each.

Above all, we must look at the type of power that we have as many of the foods we eat can negatively affect the appearance of cellulite and unknown.

What is the fibrous cellulite? It is composed of collagen fibers surrounding the fat cells that are clinging to our skin.
This is directly related to sugar and is what causes the dreaded orange peel . This type of cellulite is one of the most difficult to remove but ... Not impossible! What you have to do is try to reduce the consumption of sugar especially at night and increase the intake of vitamins E and C, carotenoids, selenium and zinc.

Foods containing these components and help you combat this type of cellulite are all kinds of vegetables, legumes, brown rice, fruit, yoghurt, oily fish, eggs, lean meats, nuts and some oils. To put a little sweetness to your meals and your desktop honey and green tea are also good for your diet.

If you have this sort of cellulite infiltrated not worry too much because it is the easier fight! Is mainly caused by fluid retention and becomes easier to fight.
For that we need to avoid eating foods that help to retain liquids such as salt, dairy or grain products high in starch. In addition, you'll see as improvements if you increase the intake of vitamin E, C, K and P, and protein intake. Protein diets are recommended for these cases.

Cellulite fat:
Cellulite is one of the best control. The problem is a simple excess of reserves and energy in your body, ie, eating more than your body uses. The trick is to eat quality food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and especially in proteins (for this type of cellulite is highly recommended dietary protein). Reduce those containing animal fats like butter. Avoid foods that exceed in processed fats, fried foods or precooked food. You see how your body and you thank you note.

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