What Causes Dermatitis in Animals?

Although the dermatitis often incorrectly compare with eczema, dermatitis is actually an inflammation of the skin. Almost any rash can be grouped under the umbrella of using this feature dermatitis including skin cancer, eczema and seborrhea ...

A rash of dermatitis for animal bites and is red and the amount of time the dermatitis has been present is determined as the eruption. For animals with dermatitis, scratching is perhaps the only source of relief, however this leads to injury and itching to get only gets worse as the condition progresses.

Diagnosis of dermatitis

dermatitis is diagnosed based on history and appearance of the rash. Your veterinarian will examine the affected area and if possible, the exact type of dermatitis is identified, although it may be difficult. Some skin tests may be performed to identify the contact or atopic dermatitis or a fungal infection.

Help dermatitis

If your pet dermatitis resulting from flea bites, steps should be taken to rid the home of fleas. Corticosteroids such as dexamethasone injection and oral antibiotics can be given to relieve the itching and swelling - but these medications can have side effects. Attention is necessary for hot spots on the skin to prevent infection.

Be aware that topical steroids can have significant side effects and most require topical steroids to be prescribed by a healthcare provider.