50 Cent is adopted

In a documentary about his origins, revealed that 50 Cent had been adopted by his grandmother.
The rapper 35, real name Curtis Jackson, grew up without knowing the identity of his father. He was raised by his grandmother since he was 12 years after the death of his mother, murdered at age 27, as published by Music-News.

In the documentary entitled 50 Cent: The Origin Of Me, the artist told a group of students from South Carolina: "I feel so good to know more and more about my past. Many people do not know that I am adopted. Yes, my grandmother adopted after the death of my mother.
It became my legal guardian. My grandparents are from here, so the last time I was about 6 years. "

Similarly underline that this documentary evidence shows that some distant relatives of 50 Cent were slaves of wealthy families. However, the rapper does not believe that this oppression that took place 200 years ago, has had a real impact on his rebellious attitude when I was young, a time that was dedicated to selling drugs in New York.

He declared: "I see no necessary connection between what happened to me in Southside Jamaica, Queens and what happened 200 years ago in Edgefield. Some people just choose to be evil. "