Alaska publishes 24,000 e-mails from Sarah Palin

Washington (dpa) - The U.S. state of Alaska issued on Friday about 24,000 e-mails from Sarah Palin, for the period in which Republican politics was its governor.

These are messages sent between December 2006 and September 2008. The latter was the month in which the hitherto unknown Palin was nominated for vice president United States for his party. The former governor is now considered a potential presidential candidate in the 2012 elections in which Republicans face for President Barack Obama.

Before distributing the mail, today sought to downplay Palin. There is nothing in his administration that has not been tested in the past, told Fox News. At the same time, Palin expressed her fear that there are people who want to take the "opportunity" and "take things out of context. " Publication of the e-mail was processed by U.S. media and others as part of the presidential elections of 2008, which was expected to have data on the work of Palin as governor.

The state had to comply with it because of the freedom of information law. The media also asked for access to emails written by Palin in the last ten months of his term. Republican politics resigned unexpectedly in July 2009. The e-mails were published in hard copy. Journalists took several boxes of documents. Some media such as CNN are planning to publish some of the postings on the net.