Aston Martin DB9 DBS Edo Competition

Edo Competition has implemented an adjustment program for the Aston Martin DB9 with DBS package conversion. The package offers increased power to 550 hp, including electronic voting control unit,

sports air filter and new sports catalysts. The increase in power is based on a sports exhaust system with throttle control in stainless steel. The exhaust system volume can be adjusted by remote control. All work will be monitored and adjusted for Leistungspru? Fstand.

Edo competition also provides the Aston Martin DB9 Sports braking system. VA: 405mm disc with monoblock six-piston caliper brake pads and sports for the front and 380 mm disc with four-piston monobloc caliper and brake pads for the rear sports. Both steel braided brake line. The conference offered are 21 "Racing, three-piece molded artificially aged, hand-polished Edelstahlflachaußenbett, 39 stainless steel screws. Size 255/30 front tire as standard or optional ZR 21, rear 295/25 ZR 21 Continental.