Beauty for life Improve your appearance with breast augmentation

Beauty for life Improve your appearance with breast augmentation

If you are dissatisfied with their breast size, surgery to enlarge them is a choice to consider. The breast enlargement can:

increase fullness and projection of her breasts;
improve the balance of your figure;
improve the image of itself and confidence.

In this procedure, also known as mammoplasty enlargement, implants are used to satisfy their desire for larger breasts or recover the lost volume to weight loss or after pregnancy. Implants can also be used to reconstruct a breast after mastectomy or injury.
What will not happen

Breast enlargement does not correct sagging breasts extreme. If you want your breasts look more bulky and are raised because they are fallen, you may need to be a breast lift along with the enlargement. Lifting and breast enlargements can be made simultaneously many times, but may require a separate intervention. Your plastic surgeon will help you make this decision.
Is it right for me?

Breast enlargement is a highly personal decision and should do for yourself, not to fulfill the wishes of another person or to try to conform to some sort of ideal image. Breast enlargement can be a good choice for you if:

is in good physical health;
have realistic expectations;
your breasts have already been fully developed;
is annoyed because her breasts are too

are unhappy with the loss of shape and size of their breasts after pregnancy, having lost weight, or aging;
her breasts are different shapes and sizes with each other;
one of her breasts did not develop normally.