Chiropractic is safer than medicine and physical therapy in the treatment of low back pain

A new study, Health Care Maintenance in Work-Related Low Back Pain and Its Association With Disability Recurrence, made by physicians and published in a medical journal

(the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine), proves how chiropractic care is safer than allopathic medicine and physiotherapy.

The objective of this research was to compare the occurrence of repeated episodes of disability among different therapies that treat patients who complain of low back pain. They followed 894 patients for one year, taking into account requests for sick pay.

They defined three types of therapists: physiotherapists, doctors and chiropractors.

The result is interesting:

     Statistically, the risk is twice as big by being treated by a physical therapist by a chiropractor.
     And to undergo medical treatment is riskier than 60% compared to chiropractic treatment.

The authors of the study conclude that "pain in the non-specific low back pain, treatments used by physiotherapists and doctors lead to disability in many more cases than does the chiropractic".