Choose the right insurance coverage when renting a car

Choose a right auto insurance when renting a car can be expensive and confusing experience. With so many coverage options, you will probably end up paying too much or do not acquire the necessary protection.

Learn the steps you take before you rent a car and major coverage options from which you choose.

Find out before you rent a car

Coverage and deductibles you have on your own car policy are generally transferable to a rental car. It is therefore important to ask your insurance agent what your coverage so as not to purchase insurance when renting a car unnecessary Communicate well with the bank credit card with which you pay the rent. Some cards offer additional insurance benefits, depending on the issuing bank and card type. For details of your benefits, call toll-free number on the back of the card.

Coverage options for rental cars

Once you know the coverage of your own car, compare it with that offers a car rental company to identify duplicate coverage. The major ones include:

Exemption from payment for loss or damage. You free from financial responsibilities in case of damage or theft of the rental car. It also covers loss of earnings by the time the car remain disabled (for example, while the car is being repaired) and administrative fees and towing.

Liability. Provides financial protection in case a lawsuit is brought against you because of an accident while driving a rented car.

Personal accident insurance. It covers medical and ambulance costs for you and your passengers in case of an accident. Probably do not need this coverage if you already have good health insurance or if insurance included in your own car.

Coverage for personal items. It protects against theft of items you leave in the car rented. If you have insurance or rental house with theft coverage outside the property, generally do not need this additional insurance.

Considers that the most basic car insurance does not include coverage for the temporary rental of a car accident.
To avoid this unexpected expense, talk to your insurance agent and verify that count on this coverage.